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Roman Blinds in Horwich

Roman Blinds in HorwichAre you thinking about purchasing roman blinds in Horwich? Roman blinds are an interesting style of window dressing. They are aesthetically pleasing and are gaining popularity in contemporary styled homes. Regular blinds are thin strips of plastic, wood or aluminium. However, roman blinds are cross between a blind and a curtain. They are separate panels of fabric which are affixed to slats or a rod, which stack on top of one another. When lowered, they move similar to a concertina however with a wider section. The effect is quite stunning. Roman blinds hold more advantages than their regular blind counterparts. Firstly, they offer complete privacy, since the slats are wider than typical blinds. When the blinds are drawn upward, they offer complete and unobstructed views. Roman blinds are available in more designs, styles and fabrics. They have a uniform appearance and are lighter compared to traditional curtains. Roman blinds have clean lines and are suitable for modern homes. They are an affordable blind solution and are much easier to install.

In Horwich, roman blinds are available in a wide selection at Bolton Sunblinds. If you are looking for something softer than a curtain but need the practicality of a typical blind, then roman blinds are the best option for you. At Bolton Sunblinds, you can find a large palette of colours and contemporary designs in roman blinds. The soft folds of a roman blind can add luxury to your rooms. They are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs, so you can easily select one to match your existing décor. You can further accessorise your blinds with modern eyelets, pulls or braids. At Bolton Sunblinds, all roman blinds are built with blackout lining, ensuring that they are perfect for any room.

Consider roman blinds in Horwich from Bolton Sunblinds if you’re looking to dress your windows in something fun, elegant and creative. They offer every customer a 5-year guarantee on all products and fittings. If you would like more information about their available roman blinds, contact Bolton Sunblinds.