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Choose a new look for your home

Custom made shutters to fit any window in your home

examples of window shutters

  • Expertly trained – our consultant will professionally survey your windows.
  • Easy to control and they provide valuable insulation when closed or ventilation when required on hot days.
  • An extremely stylish product available in a large colour palette.
  • You maybe surprised at some of the windows we can fit shutters to.

The ideal way to control light and privacy in your home and produce a look that is elegant, stylish and admired by all.

We offer a large selection of wooden interior shutters which are all custom-made.

Shutters are louvred panels fixed to the inside of windows and doors.

They provide valuable insulation in Winter and in Summer, windows and doors can be fully opened with shutters secured in front of them.

Easy control of the shutter louvres allows ventilation to your rooms, without the annoying flapping associated with curtains and blinds.

Or if you prefer, they can be left completely closed for total privacy (providing up to 99% light blockage).

If you want to see some more images of shutters click here to see our image gallery.

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