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Energy Saving Blinds in Farnworth

Energy saving blinds in FarnworthEnergy saving blinds in Farnworth just happen to be both beautiful and functional, playing a role in regulating the amount of sun that enters the room as well as giving your room an appealing look. Energy saving blinds can make your home more comfortable and your wallet plumper. These blinds reduce heat loss in the winter and keep the home cool in the summer. Bolton Sunblinds is a family based team who can show you a huge range of products as well as testimonials from delighted customers. Whatever kind of blinds you’re looking for, Bolton Sunblinds has it. The slats of their energy efficient blinds come in different widths and shapes to control light and privacy. Their energy efficient properties over other blinds make them particularly sought after.

In Farnworth, energy saving blinds are never just practical, but attractive too. They are available in different fabrics too, guaranteed to ensure that every room looks stunning throughout the year. Most of the energy saving fabrics from Bolton have special coatings on the reverse side which serve a dual purpose – they help to reflect sunlight and heat outwards during the summer months and insulate the room snugly in the winter months. One of the principle suppliers of Bolton has graded their fabrics on 3 levels of energy efficiency and their research shows that us much as 15% can be saved on electricity bills by using ER3 fabrics in Perfect Fit frames. The Perfect Fit Frame holds the fabric in place much closer to the window pane and the specially coated energy saving fabric acts as an extra barrier against heat loss.

Energy saving blinds in Farnworth are competitively priced and come with a 5 year guarantee. A Bolton Sunblinds consultant will come and measure your windows to guarantee a perfect fit. We’re living in difficult economical times and with so many savings with Bolton Sunblinds, you know you will be spending money wisely. For more details about energy saving blinds, contact Bolton Sunblinds.