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Plantation Shutters in Bolton

Plantation shutters in Bolton are popular with our customers for many reasons. Urban dwellers love where they live but not every window has a terrific view. Windows work two ways so those who have street level windows become the view from the street unless they keep windows covered. Covered windows means occupants depend on artificial light all day in their home or office. Nobody wants that; our well-being depends on natural light. The solution is plantation shutters. Bolton Sunblinds are fine quality wood customised to fit securely inside the window frame creating an uncluttered and spacious setting. Plantation shutters give rooms a well-put-together finish. The customer now has a broad range of control over natural light and privacy.

At Bolton Sunblinds, we have recommended shutters for offices, baby’s room and all rooms in between. In Bolton, plantation shutters are so versatile because of the array of colours. Choose primary colours for the kids’ rooms, pastel or shades of white to coordinate formal areas of the home and natural wood for offices and professional spaces. If there is a great view, open top and bottom shutters wide and let the light pour in but if the view is not so great or the window is street level, only open the top shutters. If it’s cold outside, close the shutters tight to help insulate the room and if it’s hot, open the shutters to allow the breeze in through the open window. The louvers can be adjusted to let in a little light or a lot while maintaining privacy.

Our customers for plantation shutters in Bolton receive the finest customer service from us. We invite all interested in plantation shutters to drop by our showroom and view our quality products. Or, contact us for an appointment and we will bring the showroom directly to your home or place of business. Our personalised service extends to helping you select colours, measuring for size and finally professional installation.  At Bolton Sunblinds we have been making and installing top quality blinds since 1968. We are confident in our products and customer service which is why we offer our unusual five year guarantee.