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Roman Blinds in Farnworth

Roman Blinds in FarnworthRoman blinds in Farnworth are a perfect solution for those who don’t especially want the volume of curtains or drapes but still want texture, pattern and colour. It’s not that you can’t use a Roman shade with drapes; many people do, especially for a formal living room. However, they stand alone very well. You can achieve most any conceivable look you want using Roman blinds because the selection of fabrics is endless. We can custom make blinds to suit you. The blinds can be as intricate as a Persian carpet or plain as white cotton canvas. The fabric weight needs to be of a quality that will hold its shape in the folds. The blinds are easily operated allowing as much or as little light as you choose.

Roman blinds provide complete privacy and make excellent black out blinds and still look lovely at any level. For window treatments in Farnworth, Roman blinds are excellent for controlling light and privacy. The blinds can be fitted within the window frames or if you prefer, fitted to cover the window frame. For those homes with lovely window frames of timber with ornate crowns, Roman blinds fitted inside the window frame are gorgeous. The framework and the blind complement each other and you don’t have to hide your beautiful wood frames behind a drape. However, it works just as well with modern framework for a fresh uncluttered decor. Roman blinds from Bolton Sunblinds can work perfectly for every room in your home and allow a full window view.

For quality Roman Blinds in Farnworth, we offer the most for your money. We offer the most experience having been established for over 50 years. We’re local, so expect friendly personal service along with a trustworthy reputation for high quality products and a perfect fit. Our products and workmanship are guaranteed for five years. You’re lucky to get a one year guarantee at other establishments but our quality warrants the five year guarantee. Contact Bolton Sunblinds and we’ll bring the showroom to you. Or pay us a visit where our friendly staff will show you examples of our Roman blinds. You’ll also see the many products to be used for accessorising such as fringe, tassels, braid, decorative pulls and more.