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Pleated Blinds in Westhoughton, a Popular Choice for a Beautiful Room

Pleated Blinds in WesthoughtonFor great flexibility, pleated blinds in Westhoughton, are a popular choice. Pleated fabric window treatments soften a room while filtering light, blocking the light or allowing for full or partial views. Some even have reflective backing, making them energy efficient. The colour, texture and design selection is almost limitless. Whatever exact look you seek, it’s likely you will find multiple choices that will do well. Whatever size or shape your window, a pleated blind can be made to fit. The type of window frame is of no matter because pleated blinds can be perfectly fitted within the frame or outside the frame. Those with conservatories prefer versatile pleated blinds because they adapt themselves to all sizes and shapes.

The Perfect Blind System is a popular fitting system that we highly recommend.  In Westhoughton, pleated blinds fit perfectly within the window frame, eliminating the need for nails and screws. It’s a fresh and clean look that leaves the windowsills clear. There are no operating cords for children to get tied up in. At Bolton Sunblinds, we offer high quality custom fitted blinds at affordable prices. Each of our staff is trained in all aspects of service to our clients. We can help you find the exact fabric for your blinds, measure your windows and install to perfection. Our blinds are made on site to your window specifications and we handle the professional installation. Unlike most blind manufacturers we guarantee our blinds for five years. The average is only two years.

Pleated blinds in Westhoughton from Bolton Sunblinds is your best decorating and window furnishing choice. Our all-encompassing customer service takes care of everything from start to finish. We are here for you after complete installation as well, should you have any questions. We offer pleated blinds in every decorator style and colour. We have a price range as broad as our style range. Contact Bolton Sunblinds or visit and let us show you examples of our quality and designs. We can help you narrow down your search quickly. We offer free measuring and quotes, without obligation, on your window blind project.