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Pleated Blinds in Leigh

pleated blinds in LeighWhy should you buy pleated blinds in Leigh? Well, if you happen to have active pets or small children, they are a great way to maintain modern style while minimising drama. Toddlers are known for staining curtains with their adorably dirty palms. They can also get tangled up in luxurious curtains while they play. In the same way, cats can get themselves trapped in your drapery, although a more likely challenge is your cats ripping the fabric to shreds or yanking them right out of the curtain box. For both these categories of family members, blinds are safer, because they are easier to clean and harder to destroy.

As an added benefit of window dressings in Leigh, pleated blinds are adjustable. The weather here can be quite gloomy, and controlling natural lights is a good way to warm up a room. Curtains generally have two settings – open and closed. Pleated blinds can be set at multiple different angles in order to maximize or minimize light. Adjusting your blinds can help with the control of sound, heat, and privacy as well. When you’re entertaining guests and it gets stuffy, you can keep blinds half open to improve circulation while still retaining your guests’ discretion. This is much harder to do with curtains. In terms of style, blinds can be cut into various shapes so that they fit into different window designs. You can even use them on French doors, open doorways, or conservatory roofs.

Bolton Sunblind Centre is your best source for pleated blinds in Leigh. We are owned by Simon and Zoe Inns, a friendly couple that has been dressing windows since 1968. We don’t just sell you blinds. We will measure, fit, and install the blinds, giving you a five-year guarantee on all our products. Plus, we ensure that your blinds are safe for little ones (and pets). We generally include child safety features like weighted hems, cord tidies, cord clips, breakaway toggles, and ultrawands. If you’re worried about hanging chains, we can install a mono control instead. Contact Bolton Sunblinds today if you are looking for pleated blinds. We’ll tell you more about our child-friendly blinds and other window dressing options.