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Perfect Fit Blinds in Leigh

Perfect Fit Blinds in LeighPerfect Fit blinds in Leigh from Bolton Sunblinds can give your interiors that Wow factor! They can also create the right mood and ambiance, control light and ensure your privacy. Our dedicated window fashion service has earned compliments for clients throughout the Bolton and neighbouring areas since 1968. Our reputation for quality products, style and workmanship is unrivaled. We specialise in creating tailor-made solutions to match your needs, taste and budget. Almost all our business in the local community comes from personal recommendations and that’s something we’re very proud of. Most UK companies offer only a one-year guarantee, but we go the extra mile to give you a fantastic five-year warranty for materials and fitting. Whatever the nature and extent of your project, we’re glad to be of help.

A visit to our showroom or browsing through our brochures can give you a good idea of what we have on offer. In Leigh, Perfect Fit blinds are available besides our other products like conservatory, energy-saving, pleated, Roman, vertical, pleated, Venetian and roller blinds. The Perfect Fit range of top-quality products are a great way to add colour, beauty and distinction to your room. They’re available in roller, pleated and Venetian styles and offer a quick, easy solution. These blinds are specially designed to be installed in UPVC windows because of their no-screw, no-drill technology. That’s why they’re the right choice for conservatories too. They’re available in a range of shades including glossy white, cream, dawn and daylight, graphite, beige, infusion, and black-out white.

Perfect Fit blinds in Leigh are also available for roofs. They provide excellent energy-savings and they use modern, technologically-advanced, visually stunning, creatively designed fabrics. They’re child-safe, contemporary and versatile. The aluminium surround-frame is sturdy, stylish and easy to install.For more information about our range of Perfect Fit blinds, contact Bolton Sunblinds. Since there are no control-cords, these products are child-safe and pose no risk to infants and pets. With their unique positioning on the windows, they save space and look neat. They make smart use of the unused space between the glass surface and the depth of the glazing bead.