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Needing Conservatory Roof Blinds In Westhoughton?

conservatory blindsHave you been looking for conservatory roof blinds in Westhoughton? A customer recently contacted us about this very problem. She was very upset and needed some help. It turns out that about a year ago she had build a brand new conservatory on her home with visions of lazy afternoons spend reading and tending to her plants in the new space she had added to her house. When the room was added she had ignored the builders suggestion that she would surely need some blinds, saying that she was building the room for the sun, and she certainly didn’t want to block it out.

In Westhoughton, conservatory roof blinds are so necessary if you plan to spend any time in the space. While some homeowners build a conservatory for use strictly as a greenhouse many, like our client, have the idea that they will spend significant amounts of time there. As our client learned after the first summer, these glass rooms can get very hot mid-day, making them nearly uninhabitable. This is a fair problem as one is never quite sure what will happen during the rather topsy-turvy seasons that we currently encounter here on the British Isles. Perhaps we will be growing palm trees and stringing hammocks in a few years time! Luckily for our client, she had seen an ad for Bolton Sunblinds and called to see if we could help.

The addition of conservatory roof blinds in Westhoughton homes can make all the difference. Once installed our client was thrilled to regain use of her conservatory. After a quick fitting, our experts were able to perfectly fit the blinds, making it possible to use the room year-round. Our client was doubly excited when she learned of the energy savings she would notice with the sun blocked out during the heat of the day. If you have a conservatory in need of blinds, give Bolton Sunblinds a call today to find how we can help you .