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Motorized Shutters in Atherton

Motorized Shutters in AthertonMotorized shutters in Atherton have the ability to make your home look very smart. At Bolton Sunblinds, our motorized shutters are both convenient and easy to use; offering unparalleled comfort for both the home and office. Shutters in general offer many advantages. The first and foremost is that they’re user-friendly.  You no longer have to try hard to reach for your windows. A motorized shutter is easily controlled by a remote control. If you’re physically limited, this is a great solution. Another benefit is energy savings. Don’t be surprised if you see reduced utility bills because shutters are great at keeping the heat inside your home. The same can be said for cooled air during the summer months. Shutters are also excellent at blocking ultraviolet light from entering your space. This light can potentially cause fading of your sofas and wooden furnishings.  Lastly, shutters offer unparalleled privacy. For instance, if you’re about to walk into your bedroom, simply press the button and your shutters will automatically close in. Similarly, you can control the amount of light entering your bedroom in the morning.

For homes in Atherton, motorized shutters are the ideal solution for maintaining privacy and controlling light. Our shutters are both stylish and elegant; admired by many homeowners. We provide an extensive collection of custom-made wooden shutters. What are shutters exactly? These are louvered panels that are affixed to the inside of doors and windows. In the summer and winter months, they offer valuable insulation. In fact, you may completely open your doors and windows because the shutters will always be secured on the front. Our motorized shutters enable you to control the amount of ventilation in your space without the nuisance of flapping sounds from blinds and drapes. If you prefer complete privacy, we have shutters that offer up to 99% light blockage.

If you need better light control and more privacy, we recommend motorized shutters in Atherton. Why not contact Bolton Sunblinds for more information about our motorized shutters? Before installing your motorized shutters, our consultant will conduct a professional survey of your doors and windows. He or she will advise you on the best shutters for your needs. Our extensive selection of shutters can be customised to suit your needs. Our custom-made shutters are an excellent solution for all your light control, privacy and décor needs.