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Energy Saving Blinds in Lostock

Energy saving blinds in LostockEnergy saving blinds in Lostock homes can be a great way to lower energy and utility costs. These pieces can be both decorative and functional. Not only will the serve to block out the sun and unwanted prying eyes, but they can also serve to regulate heat in a home. But, not all retailers offer energy saving blinds and that is why it is important to find a reputable dealer that can provide these window treatments with options in design as well. At Bolton Sunblinds, we are proud to carry energy saving blinds, among other window decorations, that can brighten up a space while serving an economic purpose, too.

Serving a purpose in lowering energy costs in homes and businesses in Lostock, energy saving blinds work in a unique way. The coating on the side of the blind’s that face the outdoors actually traps heat inside it. This means that on colder days, the heat is held and can help to warm up a room. On a warm days, this same feature actually blocks the sun’s rays to prevent heat from entering. This means that homes that use these window treatments can save money that they would normally use by helping to regulate the temperature. A recent study suggested this could be upwards of fifteen percent off an energy bill. At Bolton Sunblinds, we know and understand this technology and can advise our clients on whether it is a right fit for their homes or not. Further, we will also help you to choose the color and style that is right for your design profile.

Energy saving blinds in Lockstock should be purchased from someone with experience and an understanding of how to best fit blinds to a window. In business since the 1960s, we are proud to serve your window needs. Contact Bolton Sunblinds today to learn more about why we have such a high customer referral rate and get the personalised service that you deserve. We will give you the highest in personalised services. We believe in our products so much we even have a five year guarantee.