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Energy Saving Blinds in Horwich

Energy Saving Blinds in HorwichWith energy saving blinds in Horwich, conservatories and sunrooms will get more use. True, the whole idea of conservatories and sunrooms is to bring the outside in. It’s so nice to enjoy your garden without the humidity and bugs or watch the stars on a clear night from a comfortable couch instead of wet grass. Of course the conservatories and sunrooms can’t be used during daytime temperature peaks at the height of summer; the glare and solar temperatures will have the air conditioner racing to keep up. In the winter the room looks and feels bleak even if it’s heated with a boost from solar energy. There is only barren winter to see with nothing to soften the view.

We have blinds of every kind in standard and custom sizes, favourite colours and designs and they are energy efficient. For beautiful rooms in Horwich, energy saving blinds in gorgeous fabrics from our suppliers can help you save up to 15% on your energy bill. The fabric has a special coating on the out facing side to block heat and cold. When that fabric is used in our Perfect Fit Frames, you save money on energy. Put them on all your windows and enjoy the difference. Perfect Fit Frames fit inside your window frame, close to the glass, trapping heat and cold. Even well fitted double glazed windows radiate heat and cold. Our energy saving blinds protect against that while allowing you to control the amount of light in the room.

You can still enjoy bringing the outside in using energy saving blinds in Horwich. By controlling the light you can control the temperature. Close off the south side of the room in the middle of the day in summer and open them to welcome the winter sun. If you have a conservatory, open the roof blinds and watch the stars at night but close the wall blinds to escape that creepy feeling of being watched. Contact Bolton Sunblinds and inquire about the many fabric, colours and designs from which to choose. You’ll love our Perfect Fit frames for their low profile. The best part is you control the balance of light thereby controlling the room temperature. You can even do that with a remote control if you want to.