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Dress Up Your Windows with Motorised Blinds in Leigh

Dress Up Your Windows with Motorised Blinds in LeighBefore you invest in motorised blinds in Leigh, it is important to ensure that you work with a reputable company. The sun bathes your home in ultra violet rays at various angles every season. Motorised blinds will help you make the most of your views with exact and easy control of natural lighting. There are just times when the sunrays become overpowering, which results in heat gain, brightness, glare and fading of furniture and precious artwork. Motorised blinds provide energy savings of up to 30 percent yearly. For security, you can have timers installed and set it to raise and lower the blinds at pre-set time intervals. Raising and lowing blinds manually is easy, but if the blinds are heavy or quite large, or if there are more than three of four blinds; then motorised blinds are a great investment.

In Leigh, motorised blinds are supplied by and installed by Bolton Sunblind Centre, a local company that has a track record of offering a level of customised service that other companies are unable to match. As a matter of fact, 90 percent of its business comes from personal recommendations made by satisfied customers. While a large number of companies in the UK offer only one year guarantee on their blinds, Bolton Sunblind Centre is so certain about the quality of service that it renders, that why customers are offered a 5 year guarantee on all of its products and fitting. With its motorised blinds, you can control sunlight with the push of a button, which saves you time and effort.

Motorised blinds in Leigh supplied and installed by Bolton Sunblind centre are perfect for rooms with several windows, large windows, second storey openings, skylights, and windows blocked by heavy furniture. Convenient, quick motorised operation of your blinds can mean the difference between catching a breathtaking sunrise or sunset and missing the experience. Remember, harsh sunrays will warp flooring, crack artwork and fade furniture, with just one push of the button or pre-set timers, motorised blinds will simplify the protection of your precious d├ęcor. Call Bolton Sunblinds and have yours fitted today!