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Wooden Blinds in Leigh

Wooden Blinds in LeighWooden blinds in Leigh are the perfect solution for all seasons. It’s easy to think that the worst of the cold season is behind us, but statistically, February has many cold days too. Wooden blinds are the only kind that do more than dress windows. They are excellent insulators. You can lose up to 20% of heat through your window. Therefore it makes sense to insulate this area in order to retain the heat. Wooden blinds are the best option. They reduce heat loss and consequently energy consumption. Let’s not ignore how appealing they look too. Wooden blinds possess an elegant aesthetic quality. Real wood is a luxurious and organic material. It adds comfort and warmth to any space. Lastly, wooden blinds are easy to maintain. They require a simple wipe down with a cloth to keep them dust-free! As a result, they’re a perfect addition for homes with growing families.

If you’re looking for suitable window treatments in Leigh, wooden blinds are your best option. At Bolton Sunblind Centre, we offer a wide selection of blinds such as vertical, conservatory, energy-saving, perfect fit, Roman, Venetian, roller and fitted. In addition, we provide other window treatment options as well including curtains and shutters. Selecting the right window treatment is important for your home. Apart from improving the aesthetics, they should be practically suitable too. If you’re having difficulty deciding what would suit your home the best, our associates will be glad to help. Our family team has more than a decade’s experience in home window treatments. We’d love to help you dress your windows!

If you’re looking for new window dressing options, consider wooden blinds in Leigh. Contact Bolton Sunblind Centre for help with selecting the most suitable blinds for your home. We’re proud to offer a wide range of blinds and window treatments. To demonstrate our commitment to you, we offer a five-year guarantee on all products including workmanship and materials. If a fault or repair work is necessary in this period, we will gladly replace the blind.