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Roman Blinds in Leigh – Make a Luxurious Statement in Any Room

Roman Blinds in Leigh Roman blinds in Leigh can give your home a gorgeous new look. They’re a classic window dressing that have been around for a few centuries. This type of blind provides the rich, luxurious feel of draperies that combines the functionality, ease and style of blinds. You get to control the amount of light much more precisely, especially when you have a small window. Roman blinds have a length of fabric that you can raise or lower using a cord.  There are many options available. These include flat blinds, teardrop or loop style, and one can use almost any fabric to make them. The simple, elegant appearance of Roman blinds makes it a very popular and space-saving option.

For your home in Leigh, Roman blinds are a great choice. They have several great advantages in terms of being economical, good-looking and functional. With the addition of tough, reflective backing, Roman blinds are the perfect solution to keep warm air inside the house and prevent it from escaping, especially when you use thick fabrics. They can either be made to measure or they’re available in a ready-made, kit form that you can assemble and install by yourself at home. However, we offer a professional fitting service. Each member of our installation team has both the training and experience to fit your new Roman blinds. On top of that, we guarantee that you will be happy with our products abd our prices.

Our Roman blinds in Leigh come with blackout lining as standard.  Blackout lining prevents shadows from falling on the blind when the lights are on in the room. We’re proud to offer made to measure Roman blinds that you will love. There are many advantages to installing Roman blinds. They provide privacy, light control and warmth to your room, and look as attractive when completely closed as when they’re neatly kept open. For more information about our Roman blinds, contact Bolton Sunblinds. All our Roman blinds are available in a range of different fabrics. You can choose the fabric that best suits your décor and preferences. Additionally, we offer a range of accessories such as decorative braids and pulls and modern eyelets.