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Need Help With Fitted Blinds In Bolton?

Fitted Blinds in BoltonIf you have bought fitted blinds in Bolton only to discover that they don’t fit, then you might be incredibly frustrated! Luckily there are experts like Bolton Sunblind Centre, who get it right the first time … or can fix any problems you may have if you have realised that, in the excitement of the moment, you purchased blinds that don’t fit your window! It may happen that the measurement you took yourself may have been incorrect … contact the experts at Bolton Sunblind Centre for the best solution.

If in Bolton fitted blinds problems can be rectified easily. It may be that they are too small or too big. In the event that you have bought oversized or wide venetian blinds, it is always easier to cut them to measure your windows. Or, instead of using an inside mount, you may get an outside mount and you will not have to worry about the extra-long slats! Most blinds that are manufactured come with a bit of extra length that can be cut to fit the window. Unfortunately, if you have purchased in-mount blinds that are way too narrow for your window, you may consider getting creative by hiding the unsightly gap. It can be creative to get some nice matching draperies and block the light out and simultaneously, adding to the complexity of your interior design. Otherwise, you can also order decorative valances to add on each side of the blinds to cover up the window and its frames. For shorter blinds, adding a cornice may resolve the issue. There is no reason to be disappointed if you have purchased blinds of the wrong size. This is an opportunity to get creative and be unique! And for future reference, go directly to Bolton Sunblind Centre for help in getting the correct measurements for your new blinds.

For all your fitted blinds in Bolton do not hesitate to contact us at the Bolton Sunblind Centre. We are a family-owned business and we have been providing our excellent services to the people of Bolton for over 40 years. We are a well-known company and most of our clientele were recommended through word of mouth. Also, don’t forget that we have a 5-year no quibble guarantee on all of our products and fittings! Call us at Bolton Sunblinds today.