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Fabrics for Blinds in Bolton – Take Blinds from Functional to Stylish

Fabrics for Blinds in Bolton Fabrics for blinds in Bolton take blinds from functional to stylish. People have always been in love with the clean lines, convenience and functionality of blinds. However, blinds haven’t always contributed to the designer look some were looking for. For the general public, blinds offered few colours, no prints or patterns and the effect was maybe a little blah. To soften the effect and dress things up a bit home decorators added curtain style valances to their windows with blinds. Sometimes they added half window curtains and then full curtains. The look is still very popular but some feel it’s redundant; at least for their home. Their perfect window treatment arrived with fabric blinds. The soft decorator touch of fabrics with the convenience and clean lines of blinds is ideal for many.

At Bolton Sunblinds, we’ve been custom designing, manufacturing and installing blinds for many years. In Bolton, fabrics for blinds include, for patio shading, we made large patio canopies out of fabric, usually canvas, and in several colours. We created beautiful dense fabric Roman blinds in rich colours. Then pleated blinds in pale pastel shades became very popular. Now, we have all types of blinds covered in fabrics in every colour, print and pattern imaginable. They are an especially popular choice for our Perfect Fit Blinds. It’s a clean sleek look but the fabric lends a soft touch. Perfect Fit Blinds fit inside the window frame without the use of screws or nails. Because they fit close to the glass, Perfect Fit Blinds lend an insulation quality.

The fabrics for blinds in Bolton that we use are high quality and resist sun damage. Our team can even add a black out backing to them if desired. We invite you to visit our shop or, if you prefer, we will bring our mobile showroom to you. As such, we want you to see and feel the quality of our fabrics and the blinds that we manufacture. Moreover, we guarantee our blinds for 5 years which is quite an exception to the industry standard of 2 years. Contact Bolton Sunblinds; we know we are manufacturing custom quality blinds that are durable. Our customer service is guaranteed to please and extends through measuring, selection, professional installation and after care.